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Rommel Anacan

Like many of you Rommel Anacan (pronounced “Roh-mel Ana-kin,” yes,like in Star Wars) is a multifamily housing industry veteran, having worked at all levels of the industry from onsite to corporate, where he developed a reputation for solving common industry challenges in uncommon ways.

Building on his extensive experience he founded his company The Relationship Difference in 2011. Today he works with leading companies and organizations, helping them achieve their maximum potential and performance with his signature “Win With People” message and approach to personal, professional and organizational development that has powerfully impacted thousands of people nationwide.

He is one of the most dynamic,entertaining and educating speakers in the multifamily industry today. (He paid us to write this.) Rommel has spoken at the National Apartment Association Education Conference, Multifamily PRO Brainstorming, and at multifamily industry events all across the nation.

Rommel has been a featured presenter on numerous webinars including the Webinar Wednesday series by Multifamily Insiders, the Apartment All-Stars and NAAEI, where he has the second highest attended webinar and the second and third highest rated webinars of 2016. He is also a prolific writer whose works have been featured in many national publications and websites.

When he’s not flying around the nation for business, Rommel still finds a way to “stay in the air” as an officer in Civil Air Patrol, the United States Air Force Auxiliary, where he serves as an aircrew member and as the deputy commander of his squadron. He also loves sports, his cowboy boots, the outdoors,Coke Zero and watching Hallmark Channel movies. Rommel lives in Orange County, California with his wife and daughter.

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