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Don Sanders entered the Multi-Family housing industry over two decades ago as an eager Leasing Consultant and today he holds the position of Vice President of Marketing & Professional Development for Cornerstone Group of Florida.  Additionally, he is the Principal of Trainer Don’s World, offering consulting services, keynote speaking engagements and educational seminars to the Apartment Industry nationally.  Better known as “Trainer Don”, he is most recognized for his high energy, comedic humor and real life industry experience based presentations.  Seminar participants are consistently quoted as saying they never walk away from one of “Trainer Don’s” seminars without having learned fresh new concepts that they can and will implement upon returning to work.  Having a degree in education, his consulting and teaching style is well thought out, logical, concise and motivated with the goal of comprehension in mind.  Fueled by the simplistic teaching philosophy that learning should be fun, Don consistently and effectively delivers content filled seminars that have catapulted him into the position of being one of the industries most recruited speakers.

Don Sanders

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